Drawn: The Painted Tower online demo version

Don’t miss it! Online demo version of the game Drawn: The Painted Tower, with new levels and puzzles in the style of the game. Check the screenshots inside the post.

Drawn: The Painted Tower is a casual adventure game that drops you in a gorgeously drawn world filled with items to find and puzzles to solve. The story and artwork wrap the game in a brilliantly mysterious package, delivering a feast for your senses as you devour the simple (but tasty!) gameplay.
This website is online demo of Drawn: The Painted Tower game with unique levels, new puzzles and some rewards.

Link: http://thepaintedtowergame.com
Watch Intro: http://thepaintedtowergame.com/intro
Play online demo with unique levels: http://thepaintedtowergame.com/play


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  1. testing avatar integration

  2. Its look great!

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